Eco Active™


The Eco Active™ label is synonymous with businesses that have chosen to move towards environmental sustainability, are committed and forward thinking.

Eco Active™ is therefore a vital cornerstone of our offering. While the Living Wealth programme is designed to reduce your operating costs and increase your profits, its goal is to target your bottom line. Eco Active™, on the other hand, provides a much needed visual identity and speaks to customers, suppliers and even staff alike. It is a brand that openly conveys your efforts to the world, providing you with a competitive edge.

Eco label - Eco Active

Eco label Eco Active Gain a competitive edge over rivals
Eco label Eco Active Show consumers green credentials they can trust
Eco label Eco Active Increase consumer confidence in your products / services
Eco label Eco Active Reduce exposure to greenwashing accusations
Eco label Eco Active Enjoy the low cost vs. high benefit of the programme
Eco label Eco Active Motivate your staff with incentives like eco-credits
Eco label Eco Active Invest in your brand


What is Eco Active™?

Eco-Active™ is a label and yet so much more. It is the visual identity to the Living Wealth programme and offers an array of advantages for your organisation.

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How can I become Eco Active™?

To start displaying the Eco Active™ label, all your organisaiton has to do is begin the Living Wealth programme of measuring your energy consumption. View the simple steps to transforming your business today.

How to become Eco Active

Companies enjoying Eco Active™ success

The powerful combination of the Living Wealth programme and the Eco Active™ label has allowed companies that were previously struggling to reap financial rewards and move closer to economic prosperity.

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