How can I become Eco Active™?

In order to become Eco ActiveTM your organisation is required to undergo an Eco ActiveTM Audit and adopt the Living Wealth “Starting Point” programme that will see your company reduce operating costs and increase profits.

There are 5 simple steps to becoming Eco Active:

Step 1: Contact Living Wealth

Contact us at Living Wealth and apply for an Eco Active™ Audit (baseline KPI assessment).

Steps to becoming environmentally friendly

Step 2: Agree on scope and provide historical data

We will meet and agree on the scope of the KPIs to be measured. Once you provide 12 months of historical data (in both Rands and units); we can process your assessment and establish your baseline.

Steps to becoming environmentally friendly

Step 3: Set targets

After the assessment is complete, we can set minimum and optimal annual improvement targets for each of the agreed KPIs in step 2. (the minimum may not be below 5% in order to retain the Eco-Active™ label after the first year)

Steps to becoming environmentally friendly

Step 4: Establish a reporting process

A monthly reporting process will be established to monitor the data moving forward. This is important so that improvements can be accurately measured and guidance can be given to ensure you reach the goals we have set.

Steps to becoming environmentally friendly

Step 5: Staff Incentives

As eco-initiatives are implemented, a portion of the savings is directed back to the staff to improve their working environment. This in turn helps to motivate the staff to understand, adopt and pioneer green initiatives in order to further improve the eco-performance of the organisation.


Steps to becoming environmentally friendly By committing to the process of eco-efficiency and improving annually, you will be proudly Eco Active™ and will be presented with the label to prove it.

This is the starting point your company needs, become Eco Active and begin reaping the financial rewards today. Call Ivan on 021 434 4384

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