01 June 2012

Environmental Sustainability

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What does environmental sustainability mean to my business?

Environmental SustainabilityEnvironmental sustainability is key to whether your business will survive in the long term. We only have finite resources available and if you are not operating in a way that balances your demands with the environment, your business days may be numbered.

Do I really need to worry about environmental sustainability and being eco-efficient now?

Any business relies on forward thinking to survive. Being proactive, not reactive. But when faced with difficult truths, why do most choose to hide from them? By continuing to operate as normal despite knowing that our resources are limited will unfortunately only lead to more serious problems for your business in the future. Whether your business focus is in manufacturing or human resources, you still need to ensure that your business operates in careful balance with the environment. This is known as eco-efficiency and is set to be the game-changer for companies over the next 20 years. Can you afford to be left behind?


Eco-Efficiency is the game-changer

“In early 2010, IBM brought together some 1600 business executives, government officials, NGO leaders, journalists, analysts, and environmental experts for what IBM terms an “eco-efficiency Jam”. IBM released its summary report from this Jam, which included three key conclusions:

  • Eco-efficiency is poised to become the biggest economic game-change for organizations over the next 20 years.
  • Direct and collaborative action will be needed to address the challenges and opportunities posed by eco-efficiency.
  • There is a strong imperative for stakeholders to advance an eco-efficient economy. "

The first point is particularly compelling as previous game changers have been such important milestones as the advent of the internet. Adopting eco-efficiency will not only contribute to the survival of your business but also become a unique point of difference in your organisation, setting you apart from your competitors as well as showing customers your corporate responsibility to the environment.


What is eco-efficiency?

Environmental Sustainability through eco-efficiencyIn brief, eco-efficiency is reached when all of the points below are met:

  • The delivery of competitively priced goods and services
  • These goods/services satisfy human needs
  • These goods/services bring quality of life
  • These goods/services progressively reduce the ecological impact and resource intensity throughout the life cycle to a level at least in line with the Earth’s carrying capacity.


Environmental Sustainability through Eco-Efficiency

With the help of Living Wealth, it is possible for your business to achieve environmental sustainability through eco-efficiency. Join the forward movement of businesses making this decision and securing their future. By partnering with Living Wealth, we can assist you in creating green solutions in order to comply with the 7 aspects of eco-efficiency, namely:

  1. Reduce the material intensity of your goods and services;
  2. Reduce the energy intensity of your goods and services;
  3. Reduce the dispersion of any toxic materials;
  4. Enhance the recyclability of your materials;
  5. Maximize the sustainable use of renewable resources;
  6. Extend the durability of your products; and
  7. Increase the service intensity of your goods and services.
But creating green solutions is just one of the many ways we will help you achieve eco-efficiency. Using a range of specially developed tools and processes, we will guide you every step of the way. Carefully monitoring every aspect of your organisation. Steering you along an eco-efficient path to the end goal of realising and maintaining environmental sustainability.
To find out more about eco-efficiency and how we can help you,
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