01 June 2012

Green Business

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Why should I green my business?

a Green business saves you moneyTo cuts costs. Surprised? You needn’t be. Greening a business is about creating a clean and lean business strategy. Lowering your operational costs, reducing your impact on the environment, finding clever green solutions to add value to your products or services that result in savings. But these savings are only one of the many benefits of accepting this greater change towards a green business.

By making a responsible business decision and moving forward with this greening process, you are in fact paving the way for a better future. Not just by ensuring the environmental sustainability of your organisation, but by creating a new environmental awareness with everyone your business touches. At Living Wealth, we assist in this holistic adoption of green solutions throughout your company, working with all levels of your staff to help them to understand the impact of their actions and to create a new climate of responsibility within your organisation.

Once your staff has an understanding of the greater good this process creates, a ripple effect is started. You not only motivate your staff to be responsible for their actions, but create an air of participation that would never have existed before. Your staff will show more commitment and will use this newfound knowledge to realise further ways to help green your business, reduce resources and save you money. And this is just the start. By adopting this process each staff member now passes the knowledge on to family and friends, enlightening future generations. Customers and suppliers will notice and appreciate this commitment, adding even more value to your brand.

In this highly competitive business environment, can you afford not to go green? For friendly advice and to find out about our services, call Ivan on 021 434 4384.


How do I green my business?

Green business - its simpleGreening your business could not be simpler. Living Wealth offers a complete greening solution and will ensure that change is affected across your company. Our green consulting service will offer green solutions to help you attain environmental sustainability through eco-efficiency. Our eco- business advisors will project manage the entire process and stay a continued partner into a greener future.

To give you more insight into this process, we have developed the following 5 modules as a platform for a clean, green business. We then benchmark your operations against these 5 modules, however as your needs will be specific, any one or all of these modules may apply to your organisation.

Clean, lean & green business strategy

Module 1: Strategy to reduce / eliminate unusable waste

This is a natural starting point for all companies introducing environmental policies into your business, and can have the biggest impact on operational savings. An awareness of the actual environmental impact and consequences to people and environment is key to starting this process.

Module 2: Clean/renewable energy strategy

This module in the strategy highlights the benefits of mapping the way to introducing clean or renewable energy to secure your business. These benefits apply to both your bottom line and your brand.

Module 3: Supply chain

The substantial majority of a company’s environmental footprint is incurred before 3rd party products and services reach the company. To be completely sustainable, all your suppliers need to be engaged in the process or selected based on their green credentials.

Module 4: Closing the Product Loop

Closing the loop refers primarily to converting linear processes into cyclical ones, as well as adopting the attitude that anything toxic/synthetic inside the production loop, or introduced into the production loop, remains someone’s responsibility and is not allowed to leave this loop and pollute the environment.

This module focuses purely on your company’s products and/or services with a view to bringing them ever closer to the “cradle-to-cradle” (cyclical) design paradigm. It takes into account the raw materials and resources consumed, the manufacturing process, waste & emissions and it considers the end-to-end lifecycle and impact that your products and/or services have on the environment, which includes post consumer responsibility.

Module 5: Corporate Social Investment

Many companies recognise that the most significant challenge facing and threatening humankind today is the reduction of greenhouse gases which is imperative to combat global warming, as well as preserve natural resources and life-supporting ecosystems.

This is a general overview of our platform which has proven success in organisations.

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