The Natural Step and our approach


Founded in Sweden during 1989 by Karl-Henrik Robèrt, The Natural Step is an international, not-for-profit organisation that has since its inception, achieved innumerable successes for literally thousands of leading corporate brands, municipalities, academic institutions and other not-for-profit organisations worldwide.

Based on solid scientific research and methodology, The Natural Step encompasses the alignment of an organisations operational practice to a structured framework of principles, namely the Four System Conditions. By ensuring that all operations align with the Four System Conditions, organisations are able to address the needs of people and the environment, while realising increased future profits. The Natural Step approach, which is absed on scientific research, is adaptable to all forms of business and is entirely practical.

The Natural Step aims to educate individuals throughout the world through a network of qualified professionals who at heart, are dedicated to achieving change towards worldwide sustainability in business and consequently, environmental preservation.

Stephen Jacobs, Operational Director of Living Wealth is the Executive Director of The Natural Step South Africa. At Living Wealth, our services have been based upon the Natural Step and include enhancements that have been developed to cater for the unique requirements of the societal, cultural and environmental aspects of the countries in which we operate.

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