Environmental Awareness


Environmental awarenessThe true success of any move towards a greener company is awareness. By creating this environmental awareness in your organisation, the full benefits of greening your business can start to be seen. Once your staff feels that they are part of a greater good, their participation and collaboration in finding new green solutions can lead to even more savings for your company.

Living Wealth provides the tools needed to ensure this participation and support from all levels of your staff and we implement a comprehensive support structure within your organisation to ensure sustainable involvement.

Our Environmental Skills Development programme is primarily based on the sustainability principles developed by The Natural Step, which has been in effect for 20 years around the world.  It provides a platform for innovative thinking and bottom-line cost savings through efficient use of available resources. Qualified trainers facilitate our workshops, which can be adjusted to take into account local conditions and languages, translated into English, Afrikaans and Xhosa thus far.

Our Awareness Programme forms the 2nd phase of our recommended 4 phase approach.  This is so that any savings achieved from the resulting change in behaviour can be captured along with other eco-interventions.

Eco-Masters - full-day workshop that focuses on environmental risk management by addressing your company's corporate vision, strategy, policies and roadmap, as well as incentive programmes for continual improvement.  This is aimed at key decision-makers within your business.

Eco-Advanced – half-day workshop that focuses on the application of The Natural Step ideology to every-day behaviour and illustrates how to effectively influence change within your business.  This workshop includes a brainstorming session to generate potential initiatives, thereby capitalising on internal Intellectual Property (IP).

Eco-Essentials – incorporates the fundamental principles of environmental education and sustainability, and engages the hearts and minds of your employees to enable them to consistently apply these principles to daily life at work and at home.

This element of the intervention is so powerful because we motivate the heart and engine of your business, through which we generate meaningful ideas for improvement from the people who know the business best, delivering efficiencies and cost-savings across the board.


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