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Green Solutions for your business

Find out about our Green SolutionsWe partner with your business to provide green solutions that help cut costs. Our unique partnership with your company allows us to not only implement various standard green solutions to reduce your water, waste and raw materials but also create environmental awareness amongst your staff. By empowering and working with your staff -who knows their role in the organisation best –we can develop new green solutions that will be valuable to your business specifically. Thus reducing your resource requirements and saving your business money.


Project management of Green Solutions

Once green solutions have been identified for your business, Living Wealth are able to provide you with the assistance required to implement these green solutions and see them through to successful outcomes.

Part of our recommended approach is the development of an eco department or committee within an organisation, headed up by a direct line decision maker.  We can provide you with the guidance required to integrate changes into existing Strategy Roadmaps and Change Management programmes; modify or draft new policies and procedures; establish incentive programmes and set up reporting structures for monitoring progress.

In our current economic climate, every day is taken up with surviving the recession, fighting fires and keeping your business afloat.  We know that to change tact and give focus and momentum in a new direction can be incredibly difficult, which is why we will be there to help.

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