Svenmill: Water Reduction


This graph highlighted a massive 35% of their facility’s water usage was literally going down the toilet.  This obvious inefficiency, presented us with our first opportunity to solve.  The team looked into several options for reducing water usage in this area and finally settled on the simplest and cheapest one.  By doing this in-house, at virtually no cost, they managed to save 4l per flush!!  Multiply that by 46 toilets at a conservative flush rate of 2.5 per person per day, and you come out with 10,120 litres reduction in water usage per month.


Svenmill also opted for a chemical analysis to be performed on the hazardous rating of their top 10 dye chemicals.  This was carried out by Susanne Dittke of Envirosense.  Each chemical is given a hazardous rating between 0 & 10, based on the MSDS or data sheets provided. From these, Susanne highlighted the presence of formaldehyde in one of their dyes, which immediately gave it a 10 hazardous rating.


However, after investigation it was found that the data sheets were out of date and the formaldehyde had since been removed, but the net effect was a much greater and up to date awareness of their suppliers’ chemical data.  Not content with that, Svenmill took things further by taking samples of their effluent to test for hazardous chemicals.  Today they are still waiting for results and reports from the municipality, which is proving to be rather challenging.