Svenmill: Energy Reduction


In terms of Energy Svenmill embarked on numerous projects such as changing their distribution logistics to make deliveries more planned and efficient.  Rather than reacting solely to customer demands and delivering whatever was ready for delivery regardless of location, they are now focused on delivering goods rather than air.

Contrary to expectations, they found that their customers were not noticeably adversely affected by the new policy, and, although this saving can’t be verified or compared due to radical fluctuations in both production volumes and the price of diesel, they have estimated a 20% saving in fuel.


The assessment showed that although machinery was responsible for the lion’s share of usage as could be expected, the lighting component was much bigger than expected… not much attention had been paid to the fact that the factory used to be left brightly lit day and night, regardless of whether anybody was in there.  In conjunction with voluntary staff efficiency, they implemented a lights-off policy enforced by after-hours security, and they are considering the installation of motion sensors and timers in certain areas of the factory.


To begin addressing the more difficult challenge of their machinery, the strategy again was to begin with staff awareness.  They purchased a little energy monitor that the machinists, through their own initiative, spent a lot of time with, monitoring and getting to know their usage patterns. They found out exactly how much energy each machine consumed in their various modes of operation and used the information to reassess how the machines are used and not used.  Machines are no longer left idling when not in use, they are now turned to standby or off altogether.